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Advanced Thermal Management; OEM suppliers to the Aerospace Industry. Advanced Thermal Technologies; Ultrathin yet Powerful Enclosure PTC Heating. Proprietary Sophisticated Carbon Ink Technology on Polymer or Etched Foils.

ATT Powerfilm®

Our flagship solution. An ultrathin yet powerful advanced carbon ink coating embedded between highly stable polymer layers, capable of surface heating any region to specific temperatures and heating gradients. ATT Powerfilm produces cozy warmth in a very energy-efficient and controllable way, providing people with a new level of comfort and safety.

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ATT Powersense®

Being our newest invention, the ice and fog sensor ATT Powersense is best in class: It detects not only the existence of ice or fog on any surface, but also its thickness, structure and composition. A critical advantage for any flexible surface heating system, especially in aviation where effective and reliable aerofoil deicing is a crucial safety factor.

Flexible Heating & Sensing Tech

ATT Powerlogic®

The Control Model ATT Powerlogic allows the individual control of any number of heating elements based on ATT Powerfilm, using a large range of parameters including data from ATT Powersense. It thus is the brain behind ATT’s other technologies and the link to conventional climate systems in vehicles and buildings.

PTC Heating and Control


Research and Development is what powers our company, because ATT was founded by scientists. Our R&D ensures a continuous, never ending flow of innovations. As a result, ATT systems stay at the leading edge of technical development in their area and are regularly complemented by new inventions. And our customers may benefit both indirectly or directly.

Flexible Foil Heater Development

Raimund Hüttenbrenner

ATT’s impressive competence in engineering and the open, trustful approach in finding the best product and process solution have led to an extremely dynamic cooperation. We will be happy to further accompany ATT on its successful journey.

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Raimund HüttenbrennerForster Verkehrs- und Werbetechnik GmbH
Dominik Egger

For us, ATT represents not only the future of intelligent thermal management, but also of regional entrepreneurship as such – a highly motivated team which realizes its plans with determination and puts its clients into the center of all activities. A partner with high potential.

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Dominik EggerSteiermaerkische Sparkasse
Christian Fuchs

Determination, endurance and ambition distinguish all people working with ATT. Such attributes are a prerequisite when it comes to turning visions into reality. Together, we create entirely new products at the intersection of technology and design.

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Christian FuchsOrganic Forms

Together with our development engineers, we are able to quick custom prototype complete turnkey solutions that require no electronics with our unique resistance temperature detectors and capacitance sensing capability.

Complete Thermal Management Solutions

Ultrathin yet powerful enclosure Thermal Management with Advanced Carbon Ink coating embedded between highly stable polymer layers. OEM suppliers to the Auto and aerospace industry. Speak to a Development Engineer today and Design your own Low Profile Flexible Heating Element.

Our Core specialty is in Conductive Carbon Printing Technology which can be applied to almost any surface. This enables heating foils to be applied to fan blades or unusual problem-solving projects presented to engineering from enclosed housings to encapsulated requirements of extreme conditions.

We now have a library of OEM Heating solutions with complete Enclosure Thermal Management for custom industrial applications. Our self-limiting PTC heaters cannot overheat and we are the #1 go-to Manufacturers in Austria for flexible heaters and PCBs meeting the esteemed safety requirements of the automotive industry.

Come and See how we are Leading the way in Thermal Management

Because we are applying the Science of Heating in a readily adoptable manner that even the general public can understand. Work with us and you’ll see why our Start-Up Thermal Tech Company is being picked up ahead of the growth curve by many OEM Suppliers and Manufacturers.

We are not just Heating Experts but our approach to Thermal Management is an integral part of our Precision Culture here in Austria. Founded by Creative Scientists who work through the entire production development process, we can guide your complex project through to even developing Quick Custom Prototypes, and be demonstrating Series Production Capabilty to your agreed budget and schedule.

We have leapt over our projected start-up goals on the basis of working as a precision team. Offering Large Scale production Capability, with the rapid impetus of a neatly driven focus group. Complex problems and OEM supply chains trust to hand off to ATT because of our Unique Service Proposition of offering integrated self-limiting PTC Heaters for almost any enclosed Thermal Management Problem.

What Makes Us Advanced in Thermal Management and Flexible Heating Technologies?