ATT’s new free-shape Powerfilm can be cut freely and will keep its functionality!

ATT’s R&D team new brought about a particularly smart version of the Powerfilm. While the variants commonly used by our clients usually continue working if they are damaged, there are instances where a whole section of the heating element goes out of order – especially when a conductor track was interrupted. The new free-shape Powerfilm is different – you can cut it freely into the shape needed, and still the whole surface will get warm.

As often, our leading engineer Manfred achieved this little miracle which continues to amaze ATT’s clients and partners. The free-shape Powerfilm turned out to be popular especially among our clients’ R&D staff who need to heat up various devices and components for testing purposes. By using our invention, they no longer have to order tailor-made heating elements for each experiment and simply cut the heaters they need out of a standard free-shape ATT Powerfilm. Obviously, his saves a lot of time and money!

Check our gallery to see what it is all about!