Remus Sebring Group acquires a stake in ATT

Remus Sebring Group, world market leader for high performance sport exhaust systems with seat in Voitsberg (Styria), acquires a strategic shareholding in ATT. The transaction represents a milestone in both companies’ history.

ATT was founded in 2014 by its managing directors Christian Kussmann and Peter Oberauer and could establish itself very quickly as high tech supplier to the automotive industry. Along with the provision of highly specialized engineering services ATT develops and manufactures systems for the improvement of thermal management on the basis of new technologies. As a result, groundbreaking solutions such as radiant heating systems for vehicle interiors, defogging systems for LED headlights, PTC heat exchangers or thermal control systems for performance optimization of electric vehicle batteries and many more appeared. ATT’s breakthrough on the market happened last year, when ATT was nominated as serial supplier of SCR tank heaters required for exhaust gas treatment in diesel vehicles. In addition to the automotive industry – ATT’s core market – the young company also got a foothold in the aerospace, railway and shipbuilding industry.

“The strategic investment by Remus Sebring opens up completely new market access to ATT, especially in the segment of premium automotive OEMs, where new technologies are applied first. We expect an additional acceleration of our growth from this alliance”, CTO Christian Kussmann said. CFO Peter Oberauer stresses economic advantages: “The entry of an established player from the automotive industry secures the capital base of our young company in the long term and enables synergies which otherwise would be  unavailable to us as a start-up company.”

Since the Austrian investors Stephan Zoechling und Hans Peter Haselsteiner acquired a majority stake of Remus Sebring Group, the company follows an ambitious growth strategy, which also comprises selected acquisitions. After the purchase of ELB-Form, a manufacturer of automotive radiators from the Austrian province Vorarlberg last year, the investment into ATT represents the next step. Remus Sebring CEO Stephan Zoechling: “In the automotive industry, efficient thermal management more and more becomes a competence which provides a competitive advantage to suppliers. Engine downsizing with simultaneous increase of performance and tougher exhaust gas norms lead to higher temperatures in the exhaust system, which poses a considerable challenge to suppliers like Remus Sebring. With ATT we now have a partner who is dedicated to highest level thermal management of vehicles and offers unique technologies in this area.”