ATT wins Austrian Railways public tendering

Despite its newcomer status, the company prevails against stiff competition from established suppliers.

Right at the beginning of its operations in 2014, ATT established contact with OeBB Infrastruktur AG, an Austrian state-owned company in charge of building and maintaining the country’s railway infrastructure. It turned out that railway infrastructure has a need for thermal management solutions in several areas, and the heating of switches was identified as a possible application for ATT’s Powerfilm. Each switch comprises a so-called hollow sleeper which contains the switch’s hydraulic and  electric components. In cold climate countries the bottom of these sleepers must be heated in winter in order to prevent blockings due to ice and snow.

Although at that time ATT did not meet several requirements for suppliers to the public sector, OeBB agreed to consider the young company as a potential manufacturer of switch heaters. This market niche had been occupied by a specialized manufacturer of process heaters for several decades. Over more than 2 years, ATT developed Powerfilm-based switch heaters according to OeBB specification and built several prototypes which were tested by OeBB (also see our blogpost) successfully. During the tests, the ATT Powerfilm once more proved its superior performance characteristics and safety features, specifically the PTC effect which made it possible to forego a bimetallic switch serving as thermal protector.

Finally, ATT also passed the qualification test for serial suppliers and was admitted to participate in a tender for exclusive supply of switch heaters. And the team’s perseverance finally paid off: ATT beat its large competitor and won the exclusive supply contract for railway switches to OeBB for the next two years!

Company founders Christian Kussmann and Peter Oberauer are proud of these achievement which means that the young company has done the step from a start-up company to a technology supplier to OEMs, but also to public sector companies.

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  • Christian Kussmann
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Rails in winter

ATT Type A switch heater

Installation of Type F switch heater