Flexible Heater Applications

Leading Manufacturers in Auto and Aerospace OEM supply chain come to us for flexible heater element innovations because of our continuous improvement philosophy. Below are some examples we have already fulfilled. Hover over or click through to see how our Flexible Heater Elements are applied.

Flexible Heater Applications made more Diverse by our Commitment to Continuous Improvement

The scope for low profile flexible heater applications is so diverse that where we differentiate from other Global Suppliers is where Austrian Values give us our unique future vision. See some of these flexible heater innovation spirit and experiments over on our Instagram and blog!

Coming from a precision Science background, and together with our pride in optimizing for the best efficiency throughout the entire production process, our drive gives us the focus to direct the flexible heater market into otherwise underdeveloped areas. We strive for constant improvement, and with our development mindset are always able to offer new and innovative collaborations in the flexible heater supply market.

Our vision takes the client through the whole process and delivery, ensuring that our flexible heater applications not only conform to automotive and aerospace standard requirements, but that quality is guaranteed to manufacturers in the OEM supply chain. We are proud that even as a new company, our Austrian Precision and Quality mindset have granted us access to the supply chain of Leading Manufacturers in OEM Auto and Aviation Markets.

Whilst our actual projects are subject to Non-Disclosure Agreements,  our innovations are non-exclusive and the expertise built up can grandfather your existing flexible heater requirements into larger distribution markets. We take care of our Clients ensuring the highest quality possible from early onset, helping them inject innovation and tangible new product ideas into open markets.

We work with top-level Austrian Designers combined with our expertise in process development and strict quality control to bring forward only the strongest innovative products that require our flexible heater components.