ATT POWERFILM® Advanced Carbon Ink Heating Foils

Our conductive carbon ink coating is the technological base of ATT Powerfilms has revolutionized the thermal regulation of vehicles and building interiors due to our unique service provision. With a thickness of only 0,06 mm, it reaches a responsive temperature range of up to 200°C and heating power of up to 40 kW/m² within seconds. Applicable to irregular and even 3D shapes, ATT Powerfilms will adapt themselves to a great variety of surfaces. Unlike traditional wire-based systems our carbon ink produces infrared radiation heat in a very homogeneous manner, without hot spots causing discomfort and hazards.

In ATT Powerfilms, our advanced carbon ink coating is encapsuled between high-performance polymer materials and protected from mechanical surface or chemical damage. Its positive temperature coefficient prevents it from overheating, supports intelligent control and makes it a safe solution for people, vehicles and buildings.

Superior Quality | Austrian Precision

Carbon Ink Experts

Our core speciality is the precisely controlled methodology of advanced carbon ink printing. We are leaders in the field of printing advanced thermal carbon paste at the highest standards of mass repeatabilty required by German Automative Industry Suppliers ~ The VDA Verband der Automobilindustrie. Our precision orientation governs the tight control of pre-processing and expert research-based preparation of specialist Carbon Paste Technology. Founded by Austrian Research Scientists, our  culture seeks the highest level of quality control throughout the carbon printing and curing process to achieve the best accuracy and closest match to theoretical possibilities.

This means, we are capable of proving our processes and thereby the first company to bring a unique guarantee to qualify mass production of specialist formula carbon ink. No one else on the carbon technology market can compete with our proving processes to minimize deviations from the Scientific possibilities, and thus, even our raw-material suppliers are recommending those seeking best Carbon Paste Process development practices to come to us for consultation.

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