ATT POWERLOGIC® Flexible Surface Heating Control

The comfort control unit ATT Powerlogic® automatically calculates the settings for our flexible heating element ATT Powerfilm for maximum energy efficiency. We can use predictive control from input paramaters and projected head curves such as ambient temperature, cabin air temperature, target temperature, solar sensor (4-quadrant), daytime, trip duration, vehicle speed, various flap positions, surface materials of heated cabin components, seat occupation … and of course, data from the ice and fog sensor ATT Powersense. Users do not have to re-learn HVAC system operation – the temperature setting for our flexible heating element can be locally controlled to a specific surface zone.

Together, the control unit which was developed specifically for powering flexible heating elements ATT Powerfilms, ATT Powerlogic becomes a fully-fledged system comprising both hardware and software.

Flexible Heating Elements with Intelligent Control

We develop according to your specifications a ready-to-demonstrate, turnkey solution for flexible heating technology. Expert familiarity with advanced engineering development platforms such as CATIA, ABACUS, and other thermodynamic simulation software means we can produce the best-case solution to pre-qualify your flexible heating requirements. We aren’t just geared for production capabilty, but are concerned with integration to ensure you can meet end-client delivery objectives. Our series approval processes ensure we are fully commited to see through delivery process of our flexible heating technology to the mass market.

Comfort should not be a restricted to luxury class only, of which industry segment affords to run in-house development teams. We make our flexible heating films technology simple enough for immediate product integration and get you first on the market with a unique responsive surface heating technology. No matter how small your engineering team is, let us leverage our portfolio of similar flexible heating projects to get you moving fast into the market. Working with us injects the innovation and impotus needed in todays dynamic market to bring the public what they already expect in comfort requirements.

Flexible heating technology is not a new Science, merely difficult to predict and control without proper qualification. The application of surface heating is already expected by the general public and through our precision controlled manufacturing vision is now readily available to distribute into any industry. The limits of flexible heating technology is really down to your imagination. In the 21st Century there is no need to make a work around for thermal comfort regulation where our qualified processes through a library of development and production now exists.

What does Progress Mean? With Intelligent Flexible Heating

Wasted energy has an impact on the environment. Put energy transfer closer to the end requirements, minimize energy wasted being blown out of the window or heating the building ducts not giving comfort to the end user, overall costing us more in resources.

Powerlogic means no electronics are required by the user, the system can predict optimum head curve energy requirements to actuate powerfilm. But the smart system can also interpolate the meaning of sensing parameters. Turning underfloor flexible heating into capacitance sensing and determining whether there is an unusual situation.

The data array fed back from ATT Powersense can inform us of someone incapacitated lying on the floor for example. Not only can buildings be retrofit with flexible heating solutions, but they can be brought up to date with AI technology applicable to the smart home or workplace.

For a Spec Sheet on our Existing Powerlogic Solutions, please Check Back to this page Soon. We are currently updating with our backlog of Research And Development Projects now coming onto the market. ^This page was last updated on 07.11.2017