ATT POWERSENSE® PTC Heating & Ice Detection

A proprietary measurement method based on capacative sensing enables the PTC heating effect of ATT Powersense to de-ice or de-mist according to the water or ice phase detected. The technology is extremely versatile: It can be applied to any surfaces without further calibration and even measure the humidity of surrounding air. Self regulation is important for de-icing or defogging by using safest means of PTC heating. No electronics are required with POWERSENSE® able to detect the optimum energy gradient to prevent droplets formation especially on sensitive equipment. POWERSENSE is so sensitive, it can detect droplet size and type and enables POWERLOGIC® to enable PTC heating as a preventive measure to prevent dewpoint.

If manufactured with transparent materials, PTC heating and sensing can be used on windsheilds and headlights without causing visibility impedances. PTC heating is currently seen on rear automotive windscreens but our applications for mass production expand the possibilities. We have nano-printing research possibility that is completely invisible and will not impede the driver’s view if used for defrosting and defogging on front windshields.

And perhaps most importantly, our sensor is a congenial partner for ATT Powerfilm, which is the most effective PTC heating deicing technology available today.

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PTC Heating & Sensing Applications

Our etched foil and printed PTC heating sensors are ideal for localized surface area hotspot detection; Water phase and droplet size detection; Larger volume and moving objects detection over irregular surface areas. For example the human body is 90% water and can be detected if stationary for a certain period of time.

Our foil sensors are capable of discerning temperature contribution from surface friction, as well as specific enthalpy from phase change of liquids. Our POWERSENSE is built on a library of feedback and research data already developed from collaboration with aerospace and defence industries. What makes our unique combination of POWERSENSE and POWERFILM the future of ubiquitous application, is our existing database of thermal and capacitance feedback through experimentation in the most extreme conditions.

Our combined PTC heating and sensing technology is part of a long-term project development plan for the aerospace industry in protecting aerofoils and fuselage surfaces from ice buildup that impedes aeronautical functionality. Ice formation is an engineering problem in many industries, owing to the solid phase change that causes 2nd degree mechanical failures. Our POWERSENSE unique combination with PTC heating foils enable the future of safety and preventive measures in the aerospace, automative and marine industries. No condition is too extreme for the capability of our surface sensing and PTC Heating technology.

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