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Railway switch heater pre-installation test

Yesterday we successfully passed the pre-installation test of our railway switch heaters at the Austrian Federal Railway infrastructure unit (ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG). At 08:30 pm we showed up in the Vienna headquarters on Praterstern, met the responsible engineer and went to the testing workshop located nearby. The workbench was too short, and so we had to […]

Heating element for railway switches

The winter can be very cold and unfriendly. In order to prevent railway switches from malfunction, ATT developed and produced the first prototypes of heating elements for railway switches based on ATT PowerFilm technology. They will be tested during the winter 2015/16 under real life conditions. We are looking forward to getting the results!

Design meets Innovation

In a first quick look you can see the content of a currently ongoing cooperation with an outstanding Designer coming from Styria (www.organicforms.at). In this animation you can see 3D wall panels with ornaments made of composite concrete which will be heatened up while using the thermoelectric polymer by ATT. First physical results can bee […]