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Thermal Management with Low Voltage Heaters

The increasing presence of electric plug-in hybrid cars poses completely new challenges to the automotive industry in terms of vehicle range and thermal management including low voltage heaters. Due to the absence of combustion the powertrain produces very little heat, and therefore the cabin must be heated with the help of fan heaters. Those devices draw excessive energy from the battery and can reduce the vehicle range at low temperatures dramatically. Consequently, in electric vehicles there are conflicting objectives – maximisation of range on the one hand, and passenger comfort on the other. Due to its 100% efficiency (electric energy is completely converted into heat) ATT Powerfilm is therefore the ideal heating solution for this vehicle class.

Thermal Conditioning of Batteries

In addition, the performance of the battery and consequently the whole vehicle depend significantly on the maintenance of the right operating temperature. Currently, performance reduction at low external temperatures has to be accepted. However, with electric cars becoming more popular, expectations for full vehicle availability at all times of the year are rising, and industry is developing strategies for thermal conditioning of the batteries including low voltage heaters.

ATT Powerfilm has been identified as a preferred solution because it can be integrated on a single-cell basis and controlled in a way to guarantee proper operating temperature around the year.

Hotspot Detection and Battery Lifespan

Together with our Low Voltage Heaters POWERFILM has the additional capability of hotspot detection owing to the density of printed sensor array. POWERSENSE can be integrated at the cell level into any battery system providing data feedback to improve cell design and ultimately protect longevity of Batteries.

ATT Powersense is a preferred solution for battery integration for OEM suppliers to the auto industry. This paves the way for non-exclusive introduction into other Home Use battery systems also now on the rise. We are anticipating this trend with great potential and look forward to adapting the knowledgebase gained from the challenges met out of the auto industry to apply innovations to home energy storage and zero-net energy architectural applications.

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