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In the aviation industry, ice prevention using specific temperature coefficient heating foils for the de-icing of wings, propellers and air inlets are an imperative safety issue. In large passenger and military aircraft, hot bleed air from the engines is led through the critical parts which is an energy-consuming yet effective method.

In executive and general aviation, however, engines are mostly installed in the rear or the aircraft is equipped with piston engines. Traditionally, de-icing is done mechanically through air inflatable bags or chemically (glykol carried in special tanks). All those methods have disadvantages such as high weight, limited reliability or low energy efficiency, and there is high demand for new solutions.

ATT Powerfilm and ATT Ice Sensor were both originally invented in connection with research projects for identification of new aircraft de-icing technologies. After numerous successful prototype tests, currently the system is now undergoing first flight tests and will then be brought to the market both as original equipment and retrofit solution.

Heating Foils | Austrian Innovation to influence future change in the aerospace industry

We are receiving major interest from the Aerospace and Defense industry, brought to their attention by their Tier 1 Leading OEM Manufacturers whom with we already collaborate and supply our heating foils. Not only can our lightweight high specific tolerance of our heating foil series manufacturing satisfy the esteemed requirements of the aviation industry, but it broadens the possibilities for composite part manufacture.

Advanced composites manufacturing processes fully encapsulate a more efficient hybrid of design for purpose. Using less materials and parts overall, this is the future of modern efficient engineering design. With our Composite Materials Expertise on integration, we can work with you to develop the most efficient use of responsive aerofoil protection against ice.

From Executive Aviation to Aerospace Development

We have the unique potential to demonstrate a completely transparent heating foil. Applied directly to glass this new technology of invisibly nano-printing conductive coatings means the executive aviation industry is looking to us for the next generation of small jet fit out. We are able to touch every segment of the aerospace industry, introducing highly controlled surface temperature coefficient heating,  to sensing of localized water phase, ice, or droplet detection.

This represents a huge leap in the possibilities for aerospace safety measures. Our conformable surface heating foils can be used right through from industrial composite manufacture to qualify lay-up curing processes, through to responsive thermal management of aerofoils in extreme conditions.

If you wish to speak to an Advanced Composites Engineer, or Thermodynamics Expert on our heating foils, please contact us in the form below.

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