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No longer reliant on optimum conditions with our defogging heaters. Modern optical telescopes allow both professional and hobby astronomers to look much deeper into space than Galilei could imagine. If an observatory is located in a remote area at high altitude and far from cities with their lighting, disturbance by the atmosphere is minimised and breathtaking images become possible. However, especially in regions with high air humidity, parabolic mirrors may mist up in an instance and prohibit further observation. Dew is therefore the enemy of any astronomer, but now defogging heaters are possible.

Detection of condensed water is a domain of the ice and humidity sensor ATT Powersense. Its outstanding sensitivity discovers mist before it can blur the image, and is protected by the defogging heaters. Powersense triggers the telescope’s anti-dew system through the ATT Control Unit. Mist prevention itself is ensured by ATT Powerfilm defogging heaters applied to the reverse side of the mirror. Because the heat input happens at a controlled rate and homogeneously, the mirror will deform in only a very minor way and the image is not subject to aberration. Observation can continue without interruptions or delay.

Defogging heaters can extend to many other applications

Where surface dewpoint must be prevented either due to visual interference, hazard prevention or long-term protection against extreme humidity change conditions, then defogging heaters are a must. Consideration at the fulcrum of design leads to better overall quality and optimal projected lifespan of equipment. If these conditions are not thought about early in the design phase to include defogging heaters, then secondary failure can occur from water or ice ingression, or tertiary failure can occur from longterm moisture cumulation.

It is the mindset of the design and development engineer from aerospace through to defense applications to whom we supply highly customized defogging heaters. The ultimate goal is to acquire zero tolerance to failure, as engineers are dealing with exponential scales of speed and it’s inherent accuracy requirements.

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