Premium Cars – Intelligent comfort design

The Automotive industry is ATT’s most natural environment. Passenger cars represent an amazing variety of application possibilities for our technology, including flexible heaters and PCBs for, but not limited to:

  • Door panel conformable heating foils for passenger comfort
  • Heating of air channels with lamellar or low profile flex heaters
  • Dashboard heating for windscreen defogging and deicing.
  • Detection of fogging and ice on windscreen and headlights with transparent heating foils.
  • Headlight glass deicing
  • Rearview mirror deicing
  • ACC sensor deicing
  • Thermal conditioning of wipe water tank
  • Thermal conditioning of diesel filter
  • Thermal conditioning of urea (AD Blue) tanks for selective catalytic reduction

As with most next-generation technologies, ATT’s products were first introduced into premium cars. However, due to ATT Powerfilm’s unique advantages, we are at the fulcrum of providing the first trickle-down into lower car classes. Our technology with intelligent flexible heaters and PCBs is an ideal partner in the Future of Lightweight Vehicle Design Class.

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Intelligent Flexible Heaters & PCBs for the Lightweight Vehicle Design Class

We have series approval for leading manufacturers in the Tier 1 OEM for Automotive and Aerospace Industries. We are able to provide OEM heaters with highly controllable surface thermal coefficient heating. Our Surface sensing technology is embedded in the Flexible Heaters & PCBs is also capable of detecting localized hotspots. This makes our technology particularly useful for Lightweight Vehicle Design where early detection of localized dysfunctionality is a preventive and diagnostic measure and offers excellent quality control layers.

ATT Powersense, for example, is used in automotive battery cells for hotspot detection at an area resolution to reroute power requirements and protect individual cells thereby extending battery lifespan. We develop this technology with for Tier 1 OEM Automotive suppliers in a non-exclusive market. Our printed sensor technology within our flexible heaters & PCBs can be applied to many other industry verticals especially where corrosive, or extreme environments present hazards for normal electronics. Harsh weather environment conditions of the Marine and Maritime industry, and industrial chemical environment of the Composites Manufacturing Industry, is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.

If you wish to speak to one of our Experienced Composites Engineers or Automotive Engineers regarding integration of OEM parts into your production, contact us in the form below. Please check back to this page in the near future as we are constantly updating the backlog of redacted NDA activities.

^This page was last updated 03.11.2017

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