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Manufacturers of trains (railcars and locomotives) appreciate ATT Powerfilm due to its durability and homogeneous heat distribution across Platen Heaters. Austrian forethought into safety and extreme weather conditions puts us at an advantage to serve the Rail industry and large-scale public Infrastructure. Safety for public tender is paramount: Fan heaters represent hazard because any object can put it out of order or even cause short circuits or fire. By contrast, ATT Powerfilm has no movable parts and is well protected from damage under floor or wall panels.

Rolling stock is not the only application in the rail industry – our solution is equally suitable for the de-icing of switches. Our Railway switches and platen heaters are already in service throughout Austria and keeping the switch troughs clear of ice blockage. Ice and metallurgical cold brittle behavior is something we consider an important preventive measure to prevent rail switches posing any hazard from malfunction.

POWERFILM embedded in our floor or trough platen heaters is at an advantage to serve the industrial sector and public infrastructure because of it’s proven durabilty and autonomy even under extreme weather conditions.

Platen Heaters extended to other uses

Ice prevention in any trough geometry is necessary to prevent mechanical failure, interference and metallurgical brittle effects. However, anything where thermal management is required in the base units of standing equipment, for example; drum bases, jib heating, hog mats, or any other industrial application can be served with Platen Heaters. This is usually the requirement in the chemical industry where specific thermal management of chemical drums is required for example to heat viscous mixtures up to useable temperature.

To speak to a design and development engineer about customizing platen heaters for your own requirements fill out the contact form on this page. Please check back soon as we are updating this site with existing spec sheets for railway switch heaters we already supply throughout Europe. ^This page was last updated on 06.11.2017

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