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If temperature rapidly falls below zero after a rain, suddenly everything is covered with ice. Sometimes this phenomenon can paralyse a whole region, with trees and power cables collapsing under the weight of ice build up.

Road traffic becomes extremely dangerous, not only because of black ice on the carriageway, but also because normally non-weight bearing posts and trees may fall on vehicles in addition to road signs becoming illegible as our example on the right shows.

ATT Powerfilm’s proprietary function is not only greatly a reduction in risk, but significantly removing the hazard contributed from highway public infrastructure. Its homogeneous and intelligent energy usage allows effective ice prevention and de-icing of road signs when sensing enthalpy change and ice film. Our technology is easy to integrate because along motorways, signs are usually illuminated and thus enough power is available since powerfilm only draws when necessary. Even in remote areas signs can be kept clear of ice provided they are equipped with lighting and a battery. Complete solutions can be integrated and ready to install heaters allow rural safety improvements with very little development time.

Circular, round, cut to size, ready to install heaters

Our low profile conformable heating foils comes in a range of standard design parameters, such that any series run of ready to install heaters can have the fastest turnaround in preparation for Winter Conditions. We also have the potential to encapsulate heating elements, laminate foam insulation to direct the heat in one direction, or apply specialist adhesive films.

We can produce heating foils based on a matrix of tough erosive resistant polymers or etched copper foils, depending on the type of flex heating required. Unlike solely copper based heating foils made from a glass fibre etched copper substrate, we develop PTC heating based on Conductive Printed technology. This means we can offer a variety of resistant laminated encapsulations that are readily more conformable and thus offer more ease to apply ready to install heaters.

Talk to our production team for any thickness or application you have in mind for self adhesive heating foils. Be sure to chek back on this page soon, as we are updating constantly and will be posting Heating Foil Spec Sheets here soon. ^This page was last updated on 06.11.2017

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