New Release, Powerfilm Standard Heating Foil Sizes

Heating foils, our business

As is widely known, ATT develops and produces surface heating systems based on a proprietory, unique technology. Most of these systems come in the form of heating foils integrated into products as different as tanks, floors or food trays.  ATT Powerfilm® is the brand name given to all variants of heating foil we supply. Since we are a boutique heating foil manufacturer, we are designing only on demand. Our clients are all large corporations and pays us not only for the product, but also for its development – the design layout, the cost of ordering new tooling, testing, qualification and so on. However, we have seen via YouTube and Instagram in the past year an uptick in inquiries from individuals. We are asked many times by the end users for heating foils in standard sizes off the shelf. The problem for us is that as manufacturers we do not directly serve the end user. Most end users are unable to pay for a development project which must be carried out before a new heater can be brought to the market.

This left many home manufacturers and hobbyists inspired by our heating technology, yet unable to experiment! Many of you have reached out to us asking if we could manufacture 300×300 or 200×200 foils, since this is a standard for home projects. So, after much deliberation, we decided to fulfil what you were looking for through a fulfilment company called Flexheat.

New release, standard heating foil sizes

We conducted some deep market research on the standard-sized heating foils available on the market so far. What we found were some significant gaps of opportunity for our technology. Where our technology is so unique we have found 3 USPs:

  • The heating foils are in themselves a system: they require no further electronics to work*.
  • All variants are ultra-lightweight, ultra-thin, and flexible to mount, supplied with peel-off adhesive backing.
  • And finally – most variants are self-stabilizing at a given temperature.

The first standard heating foil series to be released is a variant with variable temperature. Ordinarily, these rely on the PTC effect of copper being a linear relationship with heat resistance. We have added a temperature controller to the largest 300x300mm heating foil. This standard size covers the widest base of hobby projects. Other sizes may have the temperature controller added on request.

Heating foil applications you have been dying for

We decided to check on your comments and requests on our various social media profiles for the problems you were trying to solve. We came up with a number of projects the home manufacturer and hobbyist wants to challenge themselves with.

  • 3D printer hot-bed, where the heating foil is applied to the reverse side of the aluminum bed. This improves polymer tack to the bed and allows slow cooling to prevent heat warping.
  • Heating trays to sit alongside your barbecue as your food holding to keep everything deliciously warm.
  • De-icing of your caravan, truck tanks, and mirrors.
  • Beauty applications like fluid-well heating for melting waxes.

Take a look at the following chart to see what applications our standard heating foils can accommodate. Do let us know if you have some other ideas by placing a comment below.

We are looking for distributors

If you are serving the home-manufacturer, or DIY market, then we could be your ideal technology partners. We are looking for distribution of our heating foil systems within the following markets:

  • Electronics
  • Automotive after-market
  • DIY and home improvement

Here is a datasheet on the starting range of standard heating foils being distributed by Flexheat on Amazon. If you are interested in working with us to develop a range of self-stabilizing heating foils, give us a call under +43 664 1651121 or simply email us at

Author Bio:
Juliana Payson BEng (Hons) Composite Materials Engineering
Business Development
Juliana is a composites engineer by education and has a diverse entrepreneurial background. She joined ATT in its start-up phase emigrating from America back to Europe. She identified the potential of ATT’s functional printing technology in combination with its integrated team mindset. In her personal time, she pursues high-performance athletics, embracing the challenge of all of life’s hurdles.