Heating system for modern cashier desks

Currently we have finished our latest project: a cashier desk heating system based on ATT Powerfilm technology. The special heating polymer we are using in this case has the capability of perfect self regulation without the need of introducing electronics. It will stabilize itself at 60°C @ 230V, which will end in a very comfortable radiation effect and a noticeable improvement of the thermal comfort of people working at cashier desks. If everything runs fine, the series production of this system will start next year after the test phase during the next months.Desk_Heating_03 Desk_Heating_02 Desk_Heating_01

Stable material at high temperature

High temperature tests

This week, a couple of severe misuse tests have been performed. Very interesting were the high temperature tests of  a standard PowerFilm element. Even at temperatures between 200°C and 220°C the element stayed 100% stable and was not damaged. To prevent the ground – on which the element was placed on –  from being damaged, we used some insulation material to place the heating surface on. Because of the thinness of the element it is not always 100% connected to the ground and therefore pillows of air are locally trapped between the PowerFilm and the ground. As air is a very good insulator, the areas of the heating element under which air is located, get warmer than areas which are perfectly fitted to the ground. At the demonstrated heating performance this effect leads to locally different temperatures, which can be seen in the picture below.

 Stable material at high temperature

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