Raimund Hüttenbrenner
Managing Director

Forster is a family-owned business founded in 1956 and based in Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Lower Austria. We are well-established as the leading Austrian industrial manufacturer of shelving systems, noise control units, road signs, traffic regulation systems and advertising materials.

The Forster tradition of actively bringing its own competences into cooperation projects with young, striving companies has proved worth over years. I understand that for sustainably oriented businesses these cooperations are a significant success factor.

With ATT, we got another chance of implementing this strategy. As a company with trendsetting products and outstanding access to its target markets, ATT is in an ideal position to generate value and accelerate market introduction of its technologies in combination with Forster’s manufacturing capabilities in technical printing.

We were surprised about the new opportunities in product development and market access opening up thanks to our cooperation. ATT’s impressive competence in engineering and the open, trustful approach in finding the best product and process solution have led to an extremely dynamic cooperation. We will be happy to further accompany ATT on its successful journey.