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About us

What we do

Explaining to people what we do, is not always as simple as one might think at the first glance. Whenever people give us feedback, they tell us, that they literally did not expect us to be who we are: experts on many different levels. We are a team of scientists, physicists, process engineers, electrical engineers and production experts, all with inquiring minds, who love to look outside the box, create new products and make them reality. The combination of researcher, developer and production mindsets is our biggest strength. So far, we never failed in finding a solution for a given problem!

We are experts in the field of printed electronics and we support our customers in finding and developing the perfect solution to master their challenges. We always want to improve a current situation. Whether you want to integrate more functionaliy into a plastic part or you want existing components to behave more intelligent, we are the right place to start thinking about it. We at ATT will understand your problem and will technologically support you in finding the perfect solution. In combining different disciplines of printed electronics, literally any component can behave as it would have intelligence. But not always that's the way to go. Often the perfect solution is much simpler. But in any case, we are the perfect spot to talk about your needs.

Company ATT

Integrated functionaly of components is the future


Since we founded the company we have constantly been creating new products and have brought numerous innovative ideas to real-life. We found, that providing the right heating and/or sensing technology to the right products, has the potential to fundamentally changing the way of how we were supposed to do things in the past. Especially in the field of electric cars there exist so many different possibilities of how to do things better than they are done today.

We are so much more than just a group of people


Dealing with innovation and beyond-the-state-of-art-technology requires not just people but also the right mindsets. We love to innovate but never loose the focus on what is really important: to achieve the goals at minimum cost. Money is a very limited resource and in the end, a successful solution means also affordable. We as industry insiders precisely know what it means to design and develop products for series applications while fighting an interest conflict between cost and innovation. We are convinced that every challenge can be mastered.

Quality is not just a word for us

Happy customers are our key to success

„Every day we try to be better than yesterday”

This simple quote can be read so often, but in our case it represents our living quality philosophy, and not just words. Since we are a small company, located in a high-wage country, outstanding quality is one of our key success factors.

We are always focused on becoming better, and this is what we do:

  • We focus on our employees through continuous education and training
  • We constantly improve our Quality Management System
  • We set challenging Quality objectives
  • We control and record changes at every process step
  • We maintain and continuously improve our manufacturing standards
  • We narrow down defects to the root cause and prevent outflow to the next process
  • We establish a sustainable and solid supply chain through an effective traceability system

We strongly believe that this philosophy is the key to happy customers. And happy customers is our key to success. Today, we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. In addition we are qualified for EN 9100:2018 and EASA Part 21G

Our Industries

We have a strong focus on Automotive industry, because that is where most of us come from. But our technologies and products can be used in wide variety of other industries as well. We see ourselves as solution providers and our technologies are integrated into a wide range of different applications. When it comes to product development, validation and certification our quality processes ensure the seamless fulfillment of all requirments independent on the industry branch.




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Our Company Profile


If there is one thing in which we are really outstanding, this would be engineering. We have the right mindset, tools and also Know-How to innovate and develop the products for the future. Our innovation driven engineering processes guarantees fast turnaround times at minimum cost.

Product Development

We know how to develop products for series production. Our roots lie mostly within the Automotive industry and therefore we normally rely on it's proven processes even when working together with different industry branches. During our projects,  the subject of development normally runs through different evolution stages like A-, B- and C-sample. In between we apply different methods and we precisely know how to communicate with our customers.


With our own production facilty we are able to produce about 200.000 m² of heating elements per year and per shift. The processes we apply are:

  • Screen printing
  • Thermal and UV-curing
  • Lamination
  • Laser cutting
  • Soldering, Glueing and Potting