Aircraft Floor Heating

Aircraft Floor Heating

In the door areas of aircraft, the floor cools down due to thermal bridging to the outer skin, especially on long-haul flights, reducing the comfort of passengers and crew members. Additionally, condensation can form as a result. In the past, the only available solutions to this problem were vulnerable, complex, and heavy heating systems. Furthermore, conventional systems often lack the necessary robustness to withstand the high mechanical and thermal stresses typical in aviation production processes, leading to high rejection rates and reduced lifespan.

Fortunately, the innovative Powerfilm technology with PTC effect is now available as an intelligent, ultralight, and durable component of the floor structure, allowing for automatic self-regulating temperature control in the door areas.

The benefits of our floor heaters

  • Improved passenger and crew comfort due to self-regulating, homogenous heating in the door areas of aircraft
  • Prevention of condensation formation, contributing to a more comfortable cabin environment
  • Lightweight design, minimizing weight and maximizing fuel efficiency
  • Customizable design to fit various geometries and conditions, up to a size of 1,350 x 1,000 mm
  • Full integration into the composite floor, making it invisible and highly durable against mechanical and chemical influences
  • No control unit required, simplifying installation and maintenance
  • High heating performance due to novel high-performance materials, such as carbon- and silver-filled polymers
  • High fire protection class, ensuring safety in the aircraft environment
  • Fully tested and approved for use in aviation, as well as suitable for use in other industries, such as rail and industrial applications.

How to work together with us?

ATT is your serial supplier when it comes to highly efficient and intelligent heating solutions for floor heating systems based on printed silver or carbon heaters. We typically supply our solutions to a Tier 1 supplier but are also capable to team up with partners.

We are also happy to support our partners in research driven projects. Please feel free to contact us with your requirement, idea or ready-made RFQ.

Aircraft floor heater examples:

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