Battery Diagnostic System

The service life of extremely stressed traction batteries depends heavily on whether the cells are operated in the optimal temperature range of 15 Β°C to 35 Β°C. If only one cell exhibits problems, this has an impact on the entire module. In addition to effective thermal management, this also requires precise knowledge of the thermal behavior of the cells under all operating conditions. When characterizing the cells, they are subjected to extensive endurance tests with constantly changing loads, during which the cell temperature on the entire surface must also be measured and recorded. The more precise the measurements, the more reliably predictions can be made about the thermal behavior in real operation.

The ultra-thin measuring foil (200Β΅m) with up to 27 independent surface temperature sensors is simply stuck around the individual battery cell. Activated, it provides information about its state of health in real time and logs the measurement data. The data can be evaluated correspondingly quickly using the evaluation software included in the system. With this special diagnostic system, users can get a deep insight into battery health during operation.

Some facts about the system

  • Up to 27 temperature sensors
  • Size and contour of sensors freely definable
  • Adaptable CAN interface allows adaptation for direct communication with various BMS
  • Optional double-sided adhesive tape for application
  • Extremely fast thermal response time (real-time capable)
  • Daisy chaining of several devices possible
  • Ultra-thin sensor structure 200Β΅m
  • Measuring frequency maximum 0.66 Hz (1.5 s) with 27 temperature sensors
  • Measuring frequency maximum 3.33 Hz (0.3 s) with 3 temperature sensors

Versatile Applications

The ultra-thin design in combination with the sensor geometry and resolution, which can be adapted depending on the application, enables a minimally invasive solution for temperature monitoring inside batteries - not only in e-vehicles: Of course, the system is also suitable for other applications - it is particularly attractive for areas of application where the available space is limited and spatial resolution plays a role.




Dimensions of the sensor foil 252 x 120 mm Can be customized upon customer request
Dimensions connection lug 20 x 32 mm Orientation and length can be customized on customer request
Minimum dimension sensor 10 x 10 mm Can be adapted on customer request
Mounting height measuring foil 200 Β΅m Including double-sided adhesive tape
Dimensions evaluation board 30 x 28 mm Geometry can be adapted on customer request
Height of evaluation unit 3,5 mm Incl. electronic components
Product weight 200 g Includes double-sided adhesive tape
Measuring range -40 Β°C bis 100 Β°C
Operating range -40 Β°C bis 105 Β°C
Maximum measuring frequency 0,66 Hz (1,5 s)
3,33 Hz (0,3 s)
with 27 temperature sensors
with 3 temperature sensors
Measuring resolution 0,001Β°C
Measuring accuracy 0,5 Β°C Grade A/1Β° C Grade B
Power supply 12 V DC
Fire standard V0 UL (796) 94

Do you want to learn more about the system?

We fully understand that there are very individual needs and requirements for a system like this. Therefore we are open to adjust and align the system corresponding to your boundary conditions. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about it and to find out if our system will meet your requirements!

Battery Diagnostic Examples:

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