Dynamic Heating

Dynamic Heating

"For us, dynamic, on-demand heating is the solution for a more sustainable and efficient way of working in the field of packaging materials processing and packaging production." [ATT-Advanced Thermal Technologies]

Minimum heating times, dynamic temperature adjustments and homogeneous results are the focus of our dynamic surface heating.

Thanks to a specifically designed technology, homogeneous and rapid heating with low waste heat into the environment becomes possible. In combination with a precise control system, the individual heating circuits of the surface heating are controlled separately and individual areas are heated more than others if required. When heating evenly, ATT technology creates a particularly homogeneous heating pattern for optimum results.

The technology also makes it possible to heat specific areas while directly adjacent areas remain cold - an advantage, for example, when packaging food or medicines.

Precise heating of the surface significantly reduces energy consumption, a factor that is reflected in the carbon footprint.

Dynamic surface heating is already used in thermoforming packaging machines, but can be adapted to numerous other applications.


  • Higher cycle times than conventional solutions: 20-30% increase due to shorter heating-up time
  • Reduced machine downtime - no more overheating thanks to precise control
  • Less material wastage, since the zone control results in a homogeneous surface temperature and individual heating circuits are controlled separately
  • Homogeneous heat output distribution / optimized heating pattern
  • Less material used, since thinner packaging foils can be used due to precise control
  • Use of recyclable packaging materials, e.g. polypropylene and bioplastics due to the higher heat output density
  • Low power loss, as the material to be processed is heated with little waste heat thanks to the optimized layer structure


We develop both electronic components and software solutions to perfectly suit your application.

Our Technology for your specific use case!

Within a feasibility study, the implementation for a respective application is evaluated. The subsequent concept study serves to develop a concrete concept and its realization.


Continuous development and a sustainable orientation have the highest priority for us, both in our daily work and in our products.

As a member of the Plastics Cluster (KC), we ensure continuous development with our finger on the pulse. The KC is a cross-industry network of the plastics sector. It initiates, promotes and coordinates the successful cooperation of companies.

As a member of the Energy Forum Carinthia, we were awarded the EFK certificate in 2023. The Energy Forum Carinthia awards companies, as well as their products, under the aspect of sustainability. This concerns topics such as energy efficiency, resource conservation, health, environmental compatibility, but also regional value creation. The certification takes place within the framework of a standardized and audited procedure and is renewed in individually defined periods.

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