Printable NTC Temperature Sensor

Printable NTC Sensor

Introducing our revolutionary printable NTC sensor - the solution to your temperature sensing needs! Our sensor is designed to be ultra-thin, with a thickness of below 25 microns, making it the perfect choice for applications where space is at a premium. Unlike traditional surface mount device (SMD) NTC sensors, which can be difficult to hide and may not be able to detect temperature changes in other areas, our printed sensor can be designed as a point sensor or an area sensor, allowing for precise temperature measurement across a wide range of surfaces.

Our printed NTC sensor offers a range of advantages over traditional SMD NTC sensors. With its ultra-thin design, it can be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of applications, from automotive armrests to flexible foils. Plus, its ability to function as an area or line sensor means it can accurately detect temperature changes in a way that traditional SMD NTC sensors simply can't match.

In addition to its technological advantages, our printable NTC sensor is also more cost-effective than traditional SMD NTC sensors. It can be printed directly onto surfaces, eliminating the need for a pick and place machine and the associated costs of placement and soldering.

Main benefits of our NTC sensor

  • Ultra-thin design: our printed sensor is below 25 microns in thickness, making it easy to hide on thin surfaces like automotive armrests where space is at a premium.
  • Precise measurement: the sensor can be designed as a point, line, or area sensor, enabling it to accurately detect temperature changes across a wide range of surfaces.
  • Wide coverage: unlike traditional NTC sensors, which only measure where they are positioned, our printed sensor can cover a large area, providing more comprehensive temperature measurement.
  • Cost-effective: our printed sensor eliminates the need for a pick and place machine and associated costs of placement and soldering.
  • Versatility: the printable design of our sensor opens up a wide range of possibilities for temperature sensing in various applications, including flexible foils and printed heaters.
  • Back-injection moldable: our sensor is fully integrateable into plastic parts through back-injection molding, providing even more possibilities for temperature sensing in a wide range of products.
NTC Characteristics


  • B25/100: 3.000 K
  • R25: 5 Γ· 200 kΩ
  • Temperature Range: -55Β°C to 200Β°C
  • Integration Method: printable Sensor
  • Thickness: < 25 Β΅m
  • Geometry: Point, Area or Line
  • Temperature Accuracy: +/- 1 K

Please note that the specifications provided are not exhaustive. For further information, technical details or samples, please feel free to contact us at any time. We would be happy to provide you with additional information and to discuss how our printable NTC sensor technology can meet your specific requirements.

How to work together with us?

ATT is your serial supplier when it comes to highly efficient and intelligent heating and sensing solutions for various types of applications. We typically supply our solutions to a Tier 1 supplier but are also capable to team up with partners focusing on injection molding to directly supply our products to the OEM.

We are also happy to support our partners in research driven projects. Please feel free to contact us with your requirement, idea or ready-made RFQ.

NTC Temperature Sensor examples:

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