The ATT SCR Tank Heater is a readymade series product, specifically designed to meet all requirements in terms of heat up performance as well as flexibility of application. The heating element is placed outside of the tank to avoid melting cavities and mechanical deformation. The external placement of the heating element facilitates retrofitting solutions instead of an expensive change of the entire product.

To be compatible with EURO 6 legislation, which was introduced for all new cars in September 2015, OEMs have to prove they meet the reduced permitted level of NOx in daily operation. For Diesel engines, most OEMs have introduced Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), in which AdBlue is injected through a catalyst into the exhaust of the vehicle, thereby reducing NOx emissions by up to 90%. AdBlue converts the nitrogen oxide into harmless water and nitrogen, which are expelled through the exhaust pipe.

To ensure a seamless supply of AdBlue in cold ambient conditions, heating of the AdBlue tank itself as well as the pump is required. Typically, such heating systems are electrical heaters that are installed inside of the tank to melt the frozen AdBlue. Due to the limited surface area of such heaters, the melting process is inefficient and requires high power levels.

The design of the SCR Tank Heater features ATT core technologies with technical specifications and benefits listed below:

  • Carbon-based heating element with a positive-temperature-effect (PTC) provides high safety, and thus reduces the risk of failure. Additional sensors or control is not required.
  • Maximum temperature of the heating element based on PTC effect can be specified to be 45Β°C, 62Β°C or 85Β°C depending on customer requirements.
  • External placement of the heating element including efficient insulation to speed up the melting process which leads to a reduction of energy required and increases the lifetime of the heater.
  • High power density of up to 12kW/m2 can be realized in order to customize the heating solution to individual customer needs.
  • Light weight solution (118 g for our 330 x 150 mm heating element) .
  • Ready for series application: tested and approved according to VW80000 norm, RoHS and REACH compliant and listed in the IMDS.
  • Optionally, an ice sensor can be implemented into the tank to provide heating only if necessary (on-demand-heating) which will reduce energy consumption.

How to work together with us?

ATT is your serial supplier when it comes to highly efficient and intelligent heating solutions for SCR Tank heating solutions based on printed sliver or carbon heaters. We typically supply our solutions to a Tier 1 supplier but are also capable to team up with partners focusing on injection molding to directly supply our products to the OEM.

We are also happy to support our partners in research driven projects. Please feel free to contact us with your requirement, idea or ready-made RFQ.

SCR Tank Heater examples:

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