Seat Sensing

Seat Sensing

The Seat Sensing System is a temperature measuring mat with up to 256 independent temperature sensors arranged in a matrix. The high temperature accuracy combined with a high response speed makes it the ideal product for measuring temperatures on flexible surfaces such as car seats.

  • Flexible temperature measuring mat for high-precision temperature measurement of a surface with an accuracy of Β±0.5Β°C
  • The special geometry of the temperature measuring mat makes it possible to apply it to very uneven surfaces
  • Easy to use, since all components are connected according to the plug & play principle
  • When using the complete system, this is stand-alone and therefore requires no additional software or hardware
  • 256 individual temperature sensors in the largest mat size
  • Rapid response behavior of the temperature sensors of 0.7s
  • Measuring electronics for direct evaluation of the temperature measuring mat
  • Ability to communicate via CAN bus, measured data can also be evaluated directly by a customer system
  • PC software for visualizing the measured values
  • Significant cost savings compared to other used measuring systems


Each temperature sensor has an accuracy of Β±0.5Β°C over the temperature range of -20Β°C – 100Β°C and Β±1Β°C from -40Β°C – 125Β°C.


Due to the unique geometric design of the temperature measuring mat, it can also be applied to difficult geometric surfaces without creases or compression.

Open Communication

The measurement electronics communicate via the CAN bus, which is often used in the automotive sector. The communication protocol is open so that customer-specific data processing solutions can also be used.

Easy Implementation

There is no need for additional components. The systems comes with everything you need to start data acquisition. It is very easy to set-up. The only thing you need is a PC.

High Sample Rates

Each temperature sensor can handle up to 33 readings per second. And this is independent of the mat size and the number of sensors.

Large selection of different sizes

The temperature measurement mats are available in a large selection of rectangular and square formats for individual applications. Of course, customized formats are also possible.

Ultra fast response times

Due to the very low thermal inertia of the sensor probes, the system responds ultra fast to temperature changes. The reaction time of a temperature change from +25Β°C to +125Β°C is 0,8s.

As an alternative to the technology currently on the market, ATT is offering two variants, both being screen printed onto (transparent) polycarbonate foils, saving process costs with respect to the currently available embedded wire technology:

Do you want to learn more about this system?

Measuring the interface between the human and the seat is a very specific need and so are the requirements for the dedicated measurment systems. Our system features an open architecture which can easily be adapted to very specific needs and requirements. If you feel that you want to learn more about this system don't hesitate and get in touch with us!

Seat Sensing examples:

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