Customized Printed Heater and Sensor Design

Cutting edge technology tailored for your specific application

Amongst others, there is one thing, which we are really good in: Engineering. We even developed our own simulation tools! With these tools, we are able to precisely predict the thermal behavior of individual heater designs before producing them. No matter if stand alone or being integrated into a complex component.

We design & develop custom Heaters focusing on:

  • Printed Silver Heaters
  • Printed Carbon Heaters with and without PTC-effect
  • Etched Copper Heaters
  • Transparent Heaters

In addition, the integration of various printed sensors is possible for all different heater types.

Thermal Comfort Engineering

We help you to develop Thermal Comfort for your application

Thermal Comfort Engineering is one of our specialities. Our comfort engineers are all multi year Automotive and Aerospace experienced. One of the core benefits of working together with us in this field is,, that we support our customers not only in developing a dedicated systtem, but also in specifying what they really need. So, we are a one-stop-shop for everything related to Thermal Comfort.

Our services in the field of Thermal Comfort Engineering are:

  • Base analysis of initial thermal comfort situation
  • Definiton of new heating concept involving Surface Heating Systems
  • Thermal comfort analysis of improved thermal comfort situation
  • Definition of heating element specifications
  • Building up of demonstrator vehicles for real life testing and validation
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