We are very proud of what we have achieved so far, but the journey has just began. Looking back, we have massively grown with the challenges we have mastered. Here we want to introduce you to various types of applications featuring our technologies. But please keep in mind, that this portfolio is not complete and will be updated frequently. We are looking into an interesting future with new ideas, concepts and strategies!

ADAS Sensor & Camera Heating Solutions

Intelligent Heating Solutions

Keep Radar & LiDAR Sensors free of snow & ice in the most efficient way with our backinjection moldable transparent PTC-Heaters.



Vehicle Cabin Heating Solutions

Surface Heating Solutions for Integration in hard and soft surfaces

Ultrathin and lightweight PTC Heating foils for vehicle cabin interior heating. No overheating anymore through high PTC-effect.



Battery Heating Solutions

Heating systems for the thermal management of batteries

State of the art thermomanagement for HV batteries. Ultrathin and flexible PTC-heating system for traction batteries.



Seat Heating Solutions

Fast heat up and temperature self stabilizing

Flexible, lightweight and hgh performance heating foils for seat heating applications featuring a strong PTC effect to minimize heat up time.



SCR Tank Heating Solutions

High energy density, efficient and temperature self stabilizing

Robust, flexible and efficient PTC-Heaters for SCR tank applications. Combinable with ice detectors for on demand heating.



Battery Diagnostic Solutions

High precision realtime temperature measurement for battery cells

Accurate & responsive: The ATT Battery Diagnostic System enables efficient temperature monitoring of the surface of battery cells during development to maximize battery life in real-world applications.



High Voltage Water Heater

High performance lightweight high voltage water heater

Discover the next generation of thermal management with our high voltage water heater. With a patented spiral-shaped heating foil, customizable design, and best-in-class performance, our solution is the ideal choice for electric vehicles and other applications.



Seat Sensing Solutions

Measurment system for analyzing the interface between the human and the seat

Innovative temperature measurement system for precise and accurate data acquisition on flexible surfaces. The system features up to 256 high precision temperature probes, a dedicated data-logging and a very intuitive Graphical User Interface for easy postprocessing.



Dynamic Heating

Precise and dynamic surface heating for industrial applicaions

Dynamic, on-demand heating is the solution for a more sustainable and efficient way of working in the field of packaging materials processing and packaging production.



Aircraft Floor Heating

Safe, self-regulating and lightweight heater for Aircraft floor heating.

Experience the future of aerospace heating with our cutting-edge floor panel heaters, designed for unrivaled comfort and reliability.



Printable NTC Temperature Sensor

Introducing the Future of Temperature Sensing: Our Printable NTC Sensor

Seamless Integration, Precise Measurement, and Cost Efficiency in One Innovation. Experience Ultra-Thin Design, Wide Coverage and Cost-Effectiveness in One Solution!



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